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Founded in 2002, the Paranormal Investigation and Research Organization, known as PIRO, originally started as a small club at the University of New Haven to connect students who shared an interest in the Paranormal. 

Over the years, the club has grown in immensly to become one of the top twenty clubs on campus. Aside from regular discussions on all things paranormal and our paranormal investigation team, we put on many events on campus throughout the year. Our many events include guest speakers, divination fairs, paranormal jeopardy and our annual Paranormal Awareness Week.

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Paranormal Investigations

Our motto is "truth through science". We can investigate any location for signs of paranormal activity with scientific tools and methods, and our cases are always treated in a professional manner. All of our investigators have been trained through investigator classes and we always investigate with legal permission. Everything is kept confidential and will not be shared with anyone outside the organization without written consent form the owners of the property.

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